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Press release on 75 commemoration day of Venerable U Ottama

Press release on 75 commemoration day of Venerable U Ottama

Today is the 75 commemoration Day of the death of Venerable U Ottama, the originator of independence for present Burma. contemporary with Mahatama Gandhi from India and China's Dr Sun Yal sen, U Otttama was among the greatest one who exploded flame of freedom struggle not only in his own land Arakan and Burma, but also through out surrounding entire Asian region.

so today become a special occasion to recall the glorious role played by this great leader during his anti-British freedom movement in Asia as well as in this native land Arakan.

born in 1879 in Arakan, once a powerful independent kingdom along the Bay of Bangal , the great patriotic monk, property came to realize that his tiny native land Arakan and Burma lone could not fight against the mighty of an empire on which the Sun never set.
his anti-British political view and strategy " All Asian unification against colonialism" was firstly expressed in " Conference for all colonized people" held in Japan 1907 and attended by about 300 delegates from different colonized nations. during the conference he was honored with a nick- name as the" Sun of Asia" and was also well-known in Japan by this name since then.

while he had close ties with great Indians of that time such as Gadhi, Tilak, Tagore and Baroda Maharajah he was a popular leader among the India national congress and at the same time he was even elected as president of all India Hindu mahasabha in 1935. having established intimate collaboration with Dr. Sun Yat Sen too, he made visits to the people of China, Korea, Indo-China and even Tibet in order to gain political solidarity among all Asians against British colonialism.

Besides these distinguished contributions to the all Asian freedom movement against colonialism, became the fiest national hero in British Burma, who defied the British power with dauntless courage by writing " Cradock get out of Burma" in an open letter to the governor of British Burma. Sir Geginald Gradock wiile every body in Burma was absoulutely silent with great fear under British ruler. His thunderous call and ourage shook and awakened the entire Burma with patriotic feelings and uprising against the British. Moreover he was the first politician from British Burma who was arrested by the authority for delivering his political public address openly against the British ruler. But, he warmly embraced every imprisonment put by British which came consecutively in 1912, 1924 and 1923 etc:.

various prominent mass organizations of earlier part of anti-British movement in Burma such as G.C.B.A (General council of Buddhist Association ) , WAN THA NU ALTHON(PATRIOTIC ASSOCIATION) and SANGHA THAMAGHI( All monks union) were steered by him and the whole country became united under his leadership . total collapse of notorious diarchy rule and 1920 Rangoon college students boycott were most remarkable of landmark of that victorious mass movement . in the entire history of British in Burma, he braved to become the first Buddhist monk who devoted his entire life for the people's case against tradition and led the entire freedom movement introducing Gandhi's non-violent ideology and tactics combined with teaching of Buddha. thus he achieved the name called Gandhi of Burma. he, through his whole life , lived simply and died poorly in 1939.
all India congress committee, as soon as hearing the news that U Ottama was passed away in Burma, expressed their deep sorrow on death of the U Ottama who for years represented the province of Burma on the All India congress committee and portrayed valuable services in the case of India freedom. But , his sprit against colonialism will never die and his fighting for liberty, democracy, peace and justice for all oppressed people of the world will be ever alive.

Although it appeared independent in 1943, but Burma is still being remained under the notorious military dictatorship in Burma. the freedom that expected by Ven-U Ottama was not fulfilled yet. thus the fughting for freedom for all oppressed people is going on within territory and the flag of liberty highly erected by Ottama is being passed down over new generations continuously.

I therefore, on this martyr Day greatest patriotic Buddhist monk Ven U Ottama , paying great homage him , let us straighten and modernize our pledge to complete and materialize his noble aim and task in his unfinished target for liberating all still oppressed people and nation of the world, on behalf of all Arakanese people who are still suffering politically, economically and socially in Arakan, claimed the following to the notorious present ruler to accomplish immediately:

1. to hand over the power the great government body that can handle the situation of Muslims according to the rule and regulations of Burma.

2. need to born a strong rule and regulations for the people of Muslims who threaten entire Burma and religion and entire world and stop accepting Muslims from Bangladesh and destroy illegal Mosques in the entire Burma and reduce mosques amount in Arakan immediately.

3. strongly recommended to present notorious ruler to recognize 969 body legally in nations wide and give power to do development of Buddhism in the country and around the world.

4. to recognize Ven U Ottama's Day as national Day in Burma immediately.

5. to stop Gas business with China if 50% of money getting from Gas is not using for Development of Arakan state.
6. to keep strong hold for meaningful cease fire dialogue until getting agreement in between armed forces and to let be all states as a federal state immediately.

7. to give power to Arakan army as a border security force.

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